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Do We Need To Be Constantly Removing Wax From Our Ear?

Ear wax

The ear is an important part of the human body that should be taken care of. Our ears are very important to our health - and yet, we often don't take care of them properly.

The United Nations has designated March 3rd as "World Hearing Day" to educate the public about the importance of taking care of their hearing annually.

The theme of this year's day is "Changing mindsets: Let's make ear and hearing care a reality for all" - because it has been discovered that people have many injudicious perceptions about ear that can potentially damage their hearing 

An estimate by the World Health Organization shows that at least 430 million people around the world are suffering from hearing loss, and in Nigeria more than 20 million people are suffering from this problem.

Further statistics shows that the number of people with hearing problems in the world is increasing almost every day.

Some experts believe that most people harm their ears and hearing without knowing it by following some inappropriate ear practices, especially trying to remove earwax or if they feel a change or itchiness in the ear.

According to the doctor's advice, you should never try to clean the inside of your ear by using a cotton swab stick or finger or stuffing anything - because it is dangerous, it can cause hearing problems or even rupture the ear drum.

 Is Earwax Really a Problem?

Most people use various products to remove earwax. Some use ear cotton, a cotton swab stick and a match stick or a broom, some even uses their bare fingers.

But according to contemporary medical practice, there's no need of removing earwax, earwax is not a problem it's even protective. God created the ear so that it can constantly clean itself because of this, there is no need for a person to insert other things with the intention to remove earwax.

Experts believe that the ear has an oil that secret itself and helps the health of the ear.

 "What looks like dirt when you put cotton or something else - it's grease and not dirt that protects the ear that protects the dirt and prevents dust from getting to the eardrum."

 "The ointment makes the ear comfortable. The ear often itches because of an infection but it is a mistake to put something in the ear to remove dirt," said expert.

Trying to remove the earwax while its working to improve the health of the ear could cause problems.

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