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Vaginal Hygiene: You Don't Need a Vaginal Wash

Vaginal washing

In this post, we will talk about a product which is promoted and marketed everywhere as an essential woman care, we will talk about vaginal washes or intimate washes. And today I will tell you all the tips which you can do to maintain a good genital hygiene.

First let's talk about some facts, vagina is a birth canal. There are two labia majora and minora on its side which we medically call vulva.

You need to clean the vulva but you never need to clean the vagina. Vagina is a self-cleaning organ. There are some bacteria in the vagina which we call lactobacilli due to which lactic acid is produced which makes the pH of the vagina acidic. Because of this lactic acid production vaginal infections do not occur on their own. You do not need to clean the vagina every time with any wash.

In fact, there are some chemicals in these vaginal and intimate washes like lactic acid, sorbitol and many other chemicals due to which many people can have allergic reactions and prolonged use can actually change the pH of the vagina and the chances of infections can actually increase. So do we need a vaginal, vulval or intimate wash? The answer is no.

What Do We Need T Maintain Good Vaginal Hygiene? 

Let's now talk on some tips. To maintain a good hygiene, you need to clean only once a day with simple water or a chemical-free soap and water. Remember, once a day is sufficient.

Washing repeatedly and using excessive soap can actually be harmful. You do not need to wash with soap or dry that is placed again and again.

Wear cotton undergarments and avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes like tight-fitting jeans, leggings for a long time.

How to go about vulval hair?

So generally people ask me this question many times that what can we do about vulval hair or genital hair? First thing, vulval hair do not cause any infection. Medically, you do not need to remove vulval hair at all. But if they are very long and if you feel uncomfortable with them, then there are many options for that.

First of all, let's talk about waxing. Waxing in that area actually can cause skin infections. Because the skin there is very delicate, the hair is very coarse and hair follicle infections can occur due to waxing.

Many people can get allergic reactions due to hair-removing cream. So whenever you use it, do its proper testing and use it only after that testing. Nowadays, laser hair reduction is also available which is very good but it is expensive.

So the simplest thing you can do is you can use a hair trimmer and you can trim these hair short. So the most important reason for vaginal infection is sexual activity. So please maintain a good sexual hygiene.

Use a condom and avoid having multiple sexual partners. So avoid any unnatural sex or anal sex. And it's a good idea to pass urine after sex or intercourse so that the chances of infection are reduced.

What About Vaginal Discharge 

Now let's talk about what type of vaginal discharge is normal. So first of all, vaginal discharge is completely normal. I have made a post on normal and abnormal vaginal discharge where i made thorough explanation on types of discharge and their causes. Vaginal discharge differs according to the different days of the period.

A particular odor of vaginal discharge is also normal. Vaginal discharge becomes very thin or watery in the mid cycle. Immediately after the period, it becomes very less and immediately before the period, it becomes a little more.

But if there is any red color, green color or yellow color in the vaginal discharge or if there is any itching or if there is any fishy smell in it, then definitely this can be the cause of an infection. And you have to contact your doctor immediately in such cases. Sometimes vaginal infections can also be due to high blood sugar.

So if someone is having vaginal infections again and again, then you take the advice of your gynecologist and check your blood sugar regularly. 

Things Not Required To Maintain Vaginal Hygiene 

Now let's talk about what are the things that you don't have to do at all. 

You don't have to use any kind of chemical soap, perfume, spray or deodorant in that area at all.

You don't have to put any kind of soap, deodorant or spray inside the vagina at all. Because of this, tears, inflammation or infections can occur.

Vaginal douching means washing the vagina from inside, in any way is absolutely dangerous.

It means it can potentially cause a lot of damage. So remember, you don't need any fancy things to keep your vagina clean because vagina is a self-cleaning organ.

So to maintain a good vaginal health, you don't need any fancy product or wash at all. For this, you only need safe sexual practices and good genital hygiene. 


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